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You may attend two neighborhood group meetings before you would be required to join ASG - so give us a try! Contact the group leader to let her know you will be joining us. And bring  your Show and Tell - we

love sharing our passion for sewing! Oh, bring any sewing questions or challenges, too - we also love giving each other creative input and lots of kudos! 

Sew Inclined Monthly Schedule

 Please contact leader Suzanne Frederick at sf450@frontier.com  for information.  Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held at JoAnn Fabrics, Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne.

Pieced Together Monthly Schedule

Please contact leader Brenda Gensic at bltg53@aol.com for information.


All meetings are on the 4th Wednesday of the month beginning at 1 p.m. at Peace Lutheran Church Café, 4900 Fairfield Ave., Fort Wayne. 


Sew Inclined & Pieced Together join to create Quilt of Valor

Sew Creative in Van Wert - lots of fun in June!

Kids Sewing Camp





Making pillowcases was a fun learning experience recently for our junior members! Each month they make a project they can take home and use or give as a gift - all the while learning how to sew. And as you can see they are pretty good at it! 

FitNice Girls - New Judy Kessinger Group

It was all about the Two-toned Dakota Top, drafted in June, when we met at Peace Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne on July 5. This one was a bit more complicated to draft and sew, but as you see below our 'Judy's Girls' rose to the challenge!  We also have a mother and daughter team who drafted their master patterns and created beautiful V-neck, sleeveless tops. We have fun!  Check below all of our pictures to see what is coming up next.

In May we drafted Judy's  Surena Jacket and we wore them to our meeting at Peace Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne on June 7.  Take a look at how different they look in the fabrics we each chose. How fun is being your own creator - and with Judy's master patterns we don't have to worry about getting a good fit. Check out Marsha's - she made two! I think we will all be making more of these and trying out different seam finishes. This pattern is very serger-friendly! 

In April we used our master patterns to draft the Tuscan Tie Top - and we wore our new creations to the meeting in May. Take a look at our lovely ladies and how different the tops look based on the fabric used and the collar designs. That is the fun of Judy's system - you are the designer!  Included is our newest member who is beginning work on her master pattern (bottom photo, right.) We'll see what she comes up with in the months to come!

Our first meeting, pictured below, was filled with fit, fashion and lots of fun! We used our master top patterns to create and draft patterns for Judy's Soho top. Here we are in action at the March 1 meeting held in the New Haven Branch Library.


What's our next FitNice project?





Let the cold weather come! When we meet on Oct. 4 we will draft our pattern to make this cuddly Pretty Pennie Coat. Join us for the fun from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Peace Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne.


Contact Marilyn Morgan at mnmsews@gmail.com or Debbie Morgan at d.morgan376@comcast.net